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May 26, 2009, 6:10 am
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’twas a rich week.  full.  a full and rich week.

to recap:

zero dollars were spent on emergency veterinary care.  (and the angels sang)

my refrigerator died and sits dead.  food tossed away. coolers full of ice, berries, juice and dog food. (and the raspberries mourned)

buzzy has a masters and we all managed to survive her grad party.  a grad party, mind you, that was worthy of a reality television film crew. (and the bbq coals blazed)

the bearone near miss with a rattlesnake. (again…the angels rejoiced)

goodbear self diagnoses either water in the ear or a brain tumor.  (and the insurance deductible looms)

busy with photography, but that’s the best kind of busy. (tails are wagging!)

week predictions….

this week will be busy and kind of sucky at work, but saturday will be creative during the day and adventurous and sexy fun at night.



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You could make big money writing horoscopes like that second-last paragraph!

Comment by waterjay

I agree with waterjay. I see tabloid writing in your future!

Good Cody is feeling fine again… hurrah!

The snake thing is scary!

Sympathy for your fridge. Sorry raspberries!

Comment by S. Le

P.S. Love the banner of birdies. Cute! What sort are they?

Comment by S. Le

those are baby mourning doves, s.le.

Comment by goodbear

I’m going to go with water in the ear as my diagnosis.

Comment by Tucker The Much-Better-Than-Dennis Vizsla

Maybe its a bug in your ear!

Comment by daisydog

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