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sometimes a doxie needs help
May 28, 2009, 7:42 am
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i…i ….got a dog.

and in so doing, i welcomed a heap of love, but also…a heap of vet bills. as expensive as the dogs have been…the love, the trust, the strength, the joy…they outweigh the credit card charges.

but sometimes the bills are painfully high.

monroe’s dad sam has been a loyal  visitor to all blogs related to photography and dogs. and now…his dog monroe needs help.


when terrah’s dog sally needed help he started a facebook group, initiated an email campaign.  now his dog needs help. his heart needs help.

close to my heart, i have to say that his dog is suffering from a side affect from steroids and needs surgery.  the same thing happened with my loki.

visitors, commenters, lurkers…..please click on sam’s link to learn about monroe and our circle of blogs that try so hard to improve the quality of life of these sweet dogs that live with owners who cherish them.

thanks.  thanks a bunch from me and my queazy cody bear and my clumsy pickles.  and from our dog blog friends.  any 5 to 10 bux helps this sweet little guy.


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I think steroid use sent our dog to an early grave. They were given her for terrible skin problems but caused her to experience personality changes and, I believe, strokes.

Comment by S. Le

OH NOES! What a sweetie pie!

BTW: You ever chimin’ in on this book club? 😛

Comment by GSD Adventures

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