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will the beers be cold by the time work is over?
May 29, 2009, 3:05 pm
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getting my new refrigerator today!  after having to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of food.  cody bear and pickles were devastated that theire ground beef, turkey dogs and cheese went bad.  i was devastated that the chocolate soy ice cream melted, then i dropped it and it blew up all over me.

getting brakes fixed on the ole honda tomorrow.  thank god.  trying to stop in that car when you have any speed going is a bone jarring experience.

how are the dogs, you ask?  cody bear is doing great!  pickles is acting funny, like something hurts.  but, it could just be because she’s a border collie and…she’s crazy.  she only acts that way when she is wearing her harness to walk with cody bear.  drama queens, both of them.

here she is frolicking in last week’s rain showers:

raindayupdate: the new frigidaire was supposed to be delivered while i was at work around 10am.  buzzy was going to be here.  but they just called and they’re on their way now.  so i had to call in to my boss to be late. hope he’s not mad!


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It does sound like Pickles doesn’t like her harness and is just putting on a physical problem for your benefit.

Comment by S. Le

At least your boss knows you’re an early riser.
That line about the ice cream blowing up is great! I must’ve dropped something similar once — it’s such an easily imagined scene.

Comment by waterjay

Nothing puts a sad face on a dog like seeing food get thrown away!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Hurray for appliances that work! And how weird when they all seem to get together, with their boyfriend the car, and break down at the same time.

Comment by almostgotit

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