cody bear's friends

a brief description of sugarpop and sassafrass
June 3, 2009, 2:34 pm
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i thought i would give you some details about these two lovies of mine.  first of all, neither dog is camera shy.

first….cody bear…

the bearhis sawyer from lost nickname was determined to be sugar pop.  he has gastroparesis, but has gone 3 weeks without barfing!  he was the only dog that showed up for agility last night. he is known for being “the softest dog ever”.  he loves kids, is scared of dogs and would like to eat cats.  he is on the front of my business card.  he needs a bath and i haven’t been good about brushing his teeth lately.  every morning around 5:30 he sits by the bed waiting for me to open my eyes, then i invite him up and he snuggles next to me.  he loves having company and doesn’t mind having a bath.  will be 5 years old in one month.


the shmicklesawyer nickname is sassafrass. she is most known for…being filthy.  she is always dirty, has a scottish accent and swears way too much for a one year old.  loves chasing lizards and chewing sticks.  is very protective of her older brother.  makes moaning noises much of the time.  would eat anything. anything.  is having a  hard time learning the weave poles.  would like to try hunting ducks.  has allergies.

and i love them both, but you probably gathered that.


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Cody was the only dog who showed up for agility? That’s kinda sad. Did the instructor let him take extra turns?

Comment by waterjay

1. Happy Cody is feeling so well!
2. Is Cody from the planet Melmac? (Alf reference)
3. Everybody swears in Scotland
4. Is she as dirty as a Scot’s bachelor?
5. Good she doesn’t chase sticks and chew lizards

Comment by S. Le

we’ve been asked about melmac before. alf is cb’s hero.

Comment by goodbear

waterjay, the whole lesson was us going, and usually we go, then wait while others go. after half an hour i was sort of tired!

Comment by goodbear

What about Spree??? PennyCat wants to know!

Comment by Penny's HF

I’ve been reading about Cody and Pickles over the last year or so. I can see why you love them both so much.

Comment by Preston Surface

preston, so nice to know you like them. we enjoy your photography blog so much!

Comment by goodbear

Aww. Such good dogs. Even if they do smell!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

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