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teeny buggies, big excuses….
June 3, 2009, 5:38 am
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i know what you’re thinking!  you’re all like, “hey goodbear, it’s june already.  where are all the creepy, adorable and intriguing insect shots you usually post in spring and summer months?”

well i’m so glad you asked.  the answer has many parts:  1.  i’ve been busy…and one thing i was busy with is buzzybeegirl‘s masters achievement!  congrats buzzy!  she’s going to update you all soon. 2.  i’ve started a new nature blog and have been posting my sexier insect shots there.  and trust me…i literally mean sexy. 3. well….actually you don’t need all the reasons you just want to see the critters.


ok,  critter number one…a beetle:

minicooperi can’t tell you yet what kind of beetle he is, since there are more beetle species than there are excuses for not blogging on time.  many, many more.  but buzzy is going to check it out, and maybe some of our entomology friends will chime in, too.  i think he’s a teensy scarab guy…but i’m delirious with thurst, so what do i know?

next, we have the assassin bug and his little aphid friend. (buzzy…is that an aphid? i don’t freakin’ know.  it’s smaller than my confidence of identifying buggie.)

miniaphidfriendi know…the pictures suck.  it was dark…windy…and the minibuggies were small!

if you get a minute, please send congrats to buzzy, who coasted through her defense.  let us clarify…the reason she coasted through the actual defense is because she worked her ass off for years.  the day of the defense was a forgone conclusion.  she was cool, confident, and she rocked it.  the committee meeting was almost a mere formality…but only because she worked so hard on her research and had such a great project and a few people who were devoted to supporting her.

so yay buzzy. and yay mini beetle.


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“what plant are they on, goodbear?”
creosote! and…interestingly…the leaves on the creosote bushes in my front yard are smaller than the creosote leaves in my back yard. we have about 40 bushes on the property. so we probably have 1 billion critters…but we won’t talk about that…cuz i need to sleep well tonight!

Comment by goodbear

Thanks for the shout out goodbear =-)
The beetle isn’t a scarab. They usually have spiny legs and clubbed antennae. what it is…i’m not sure. you see, beetles are the largest group of insect. they have the most number of species, between 5-8 million! so, you can see why it is hard to ID them.
And that is an aphid. cute little bugger.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

I would call it a June Bug and let it go at that, but then, my highest mark in any of my high school science courses was 62%…
The assassin bug is neat! Looks like a praying mantis who made the pro basketball circuit.

Comment by waterjay

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