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June 9, 2009, 2:24 pm
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oh man.

every year i have a family of curved bill thrashers that live in a nest in a cholla bramble in my back yard.  6 feet in the air, surrounded by spiny branches, the thrashers have raised their babies, safe from the neighborhood cats, safe from my dogs.

yesterday i saw this at lunch:

nesteither an owl in the night or a hawk in the morning had obliterated my resident thrashers.  they were a fixture in our back yard and they are greatly missed!  thrashers have my favorite bird call.  it is terribly quiet today…


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That’s an insane looking plant! So sorry about the birds. I suppose even the large birds have to eat.

Comment by S. Le

At least it wasn’t your dogs what ate the birds!

Comment by S. Le

It must have been ninjas. That’s the only logical explanation.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I’m sorry to hear about the Thrashers.

Comment by waterjay

My wife tried to save a bird. Once it was strong enough she put it into the tree it fell out of. However, the bird managed to another tree and slipped into our backyard. Big mistake with our Sugar pup sitting back there. Mixed emotions when you see the tail feathers of the bird you pampered back to health sticking out of the mouth of the dog you love so much.

Comment by Preston Surface

Oh dear. How distressing.

Comment by daisydog

hi guys! thanks for your comments regarding our thrashers. we still have our doves and sparrows and finches…but…we miss the noise.

Comment by goodbear

So sorry to hear about your thrashers. We have lots of thrashers visit out yard. I have not found any thrasher nests this year but have found several dove nest. We have lots of hawks come by our yard too. I have seen them eating dove and rodents from time to time. Once a hawk chased a bird into the garage. What a bloody mess. We took what was left of the dove and tossed it out into the yard. The hawk came back for it so at least the poor dove did not give up his life for nothing.
I would bet your thashers will return and build a new nest, perhaps in another location.

Comment by Meg

[…] other bird news, my curved bill thrashers are back.   after last month’s tragedy, the adults are back in my yard and trying to rebuild their lives.  trying to rebuild their lives […]

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[…] the raptors would follow.  that was year’s ago and i was only kidding.  but, ever since my thrasher baby birdies were eaten i’ve realized….i kinda sorta have a bird of prey […]

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