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stop being cute, i’m trying to get some work done.
June 13, 2009, 4:44 pm
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the munchkins did not get a walk this morning.  i twisted my ankle walking pickles on thursday.  it seems to have gotten worse after all yesterday’s festivities.

today i shall work on a web project while the pets accomplish their goal of being cute:

familypickles has her border collie meetup at 4, so we have to leave for that around 3 to get all set up.

i also intend to do laundry and clean my desk off.  empty data cards and possibly clean the kitchen. we’ll see.  i was supposed to go to a farm to take photos with buzzy and her man today, but my stomach didn’t feel right after the party food last night.  feel better now though!

ok, back to work for me, back to cute for the kiddos.


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wow. they make the queen size bed look small….

Comment by goodbear

“That’s your half of the bed. This is my half. Capice?”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Your pets are doing a fantastic job of looking cute. Pickles sure is growing up fast.

Comment by Preston Surface

It looks like a meeting of the minds with the cat in charge. They may be plotting an over-through of management or at least, as James said, who gets what bit of the bed. You may be bed-less.

Comment by S. Le

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