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a year of pickles…
June 26, 2009, 5:24 am
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one year ago today i brought this gentle yet sassy border collie puppy home.

loofahpickleswhen i announced i was getting a border collie puppy everyone’s first reaction was…., “how do you think cody bear will handle it?”

he handled it o.k. actually.  but she was just terrified of him initially.  here she hides from him while he runs hell-on-paws around the yard…

pick sleepyshe didn’t know what to make of this fast moving, furry bear.

first day3within weeks she grew confident. she took his toys….she took his chewies…

a bone thief 2cody bear was patient…and frustrated.

a good bearbut mostly, he was afraid to stand up for himself against her. he somehow sensed i would be mad.  so he tried to be gentle.  tried not scare the puppy.

a faker 2they learned to share.

a lunch cuddle 2one year later…

rompyearthey’re inseperable.  they get eachother goin’.

rompthey’re bff…they’re family.

romp2they play hard.   they’re complete opposites.

cody bear and i talked about it.  it’s been a year.

we both agree: we love her.  she smells bad, she’s constantly dirty, she’s kind of selfish, her nose is always in the wrong place….but…we both love her…and we’re going to keep her.

ha ha! like you would believe me if i told you i would toss her back!?

happy anniversary pickles.  you’re our girl.



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🙂 Very sweet!

Comment by Kristin

hey kris! thanks for visiting the blog. can’t wait for your to meet cody bear and pickles!

Comment by goodbear

Okay, that was just about the sweetest post ever. And actually made me tear up. It could be that I have PMS, but mostly I think it’s because your bear and pickles are super cute, and everyone loves each other.

Comment by Tori

Does that bear have the best gouchos or what???

Comment by pennycat

Happy “Gotcha Day” to you and Pickles!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

She is a keeper!

Comment by Debora

What a fabulous story!

Comment by Alli

Happy one year anniversary Pickles!! You now have the ying to your yang

Comment by buzzybeegirl

like smithers and mr. burns?

Comment by goodbear

Happy gotchaversary to Pickles! I remember when we first met her!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Happy Gotcha Day, Pickles! Sounds a lot like Cai and Fergus’s story. Except Fergus still steals Cai’s toys. And Cai is still sometimes a bit jealous. Anyway, congratulations on a successful first year, and many more to you!

Comment by waterjay

That was such a beautiful post. i am on here daily (along with your dogs being dogs blog and your nature blog) getting my daily pick me up and I love how you express yourself, not just through words of course, but through your photography as well. We just had our one year with a rescue kitten I saved and have come to the same conclusion. She is ours and we are keeping her! We were not going to be her forever home but she has swayed us all (and with 2 dogs, 3 other cats and 8 tortoises that is a big job!) We love her just as much as Cody Bear loves Pickles. Happy one year Pickles! Keep up the good work!

Comment by Britta

hi britta. i’m so glad you like the blog. thanks for introducing yourself.

congrats to your new kitten for finding the perfect home!

Comment by goodbear

She looks great thanks so much. It’s wonderful to see how well she has grown up. I’ll tell her mom, Shadow.

Comment by Xena

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