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the border collies headed upwards!
June 30, 2009, 6:10 am
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so it was saturday and it was time to take the border collies hiking!

hike4 miles in the mountains.  pickles had a great time and the 3 border collies that went all got along great!  there was time for them to frolic in the pine needles before the trek began.

hike rompa good time to get away from the heat and enjoy the cool mountain air.

hike frolicbailey enjoyed playing fetch with pine cones the entire way, pickles got to chase a bird and eight ball just was a good boy, pluggin away.

hike waitgreenery, wildlife, wildflowers, fresh air.


hikedonkeya burro?  “who cares?” says pickles, “my border collie friends are leaving without me!”


hikebcs“can we go again?”


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Glad you had a Happy Birthday, Pickles! Did you get to go skinny-dipping in the creek with your border collie buddies?
All my best-
Monroe (and Sam)

Comment by sambissell

That looks like a fun hike! The burro seems to be giving Pickles the stink-eye, but they give everybody the stink-eye, don’t they?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Looks like they had a fab time!

Comment by S. Le

She is so precious!! And growing up!! ❤

Comment by Gina

Great photos and it looks like a great hike.

Comment by Abacus

Hey, were the border collies patrolling the border….ha, ha! kitty humor!

Comment by pennycat

penny, now that the wise cracks are back i’m assuming you’re feeling better?

Comment by goodbear

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