cody bear's friends

thursday night with cody bear and pickles
July 31, 2009, 2:20 pm
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why does this dog look so happy?

schmickperhaps she learned that her mom’s office is NOT going to be moving to the other side of town!!!!!  hurray!  what a relief.

here are some other updates:

buzzy and her man are almost all packed and are moving to cali in two weeks.  so sad!  california has stolen many of my friends.

i was very sick of hearing what kind of beer they were drinking in the white house this week.

codybear has a vet appointment tomorrow.

one of my friends got west nile virus last weekend when we went to the mountains outside of town.  she’s been sick all week but is getting better.

here’s the bear:

thebearapproacheshere they are being cute together:

grocerydayyou may notice something odd in the background.  i don’t keep my toilet paper in the living room. i had just gotten back from grocery shopping and hadn’t put everything away yet.

have a good friday everyone!


July 29, 2009, 2:30 pm
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back to the forest this weekend.  made it safely home without any rattlesnake encounters.  it was actually too cold for them to be out.   the mosquitos were horrible.

but the beetle action?  the beetle action was sweet!

“help meeeeeee….”

poly1that’s a polyphylla decemlineata.  here he is later, chillin’ with one of his buggie friends:

growling beetle with bug smallwe got there just before dark, set up our area, the guys started grilling while we went and photographed some critters before the light disappeared.

sunsetafter sunset, r turned the black lights on and soon the moths all came.  thousands of critters.  we were only interested in one specific moth species.

probably our last blacklighting trip for the year.

regarding goodbear’s job….and the kids get a break from the heat
July 29, 2009, 6:01 am
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money is very tight right now.  i’m very thankful to have a job.  i really am.  that being said…

my guywhen i interviewed for this job 3.5 years ago i told my boss(who really is a nice and generous guy…he’s helped me tons) that i HAD to go home everyday at lunch.  cody bear needs his meds.  you all know how fragile his constitution  is.

well, it turns out my boss is moving the business to a way undesirable distance.  he says i can still go home for lunch and he knows i won’t make it back in an hour.

after anxious mapquesting, i’ve learned that the 16 miles per day i drive in two round trips to the office from home will turn into 48 miles a day to and from work.    i will be spending way more money.  the other option is a petsitter to come medicate cody bear everyday, but that is a minimum of $15 per day for just 30 minutes.

you can imagined how depressing this is.

on a lighter note….

on my way home for lunch today i passed by quite a scene:

firefightershow lucky was i to see this while having my 40d in the car!  the kids were screaming and waving their arms.  i have no idea how long it went on but at least before and after the 10 minutes i was there.

later taters!

July 27, 2009, 2:14 pm
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schoolhere’s cody bear his last day of intermediate obedience class.  he is very happy in this crate waiting for class to start.

cody bear did graduate.  no surprise there.  he’s actually quite educated.  we just keep going to school because he has fun and it helps to keep him focused on me.   plus, we get to meet lots of new dogs and, most importantly, cody bear LOVES showing off how smart he is!

mothish bunnytype poll
July 27, 2009, 4:09 am
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yes or now?  doesn’t this moth sort-a kind-a teeny bit look a smallish little-bit like a bunny?  in the face?  sans the giant eyes?

yes or noi mean really…does he look scary?

sunday on the couch with cody bear and pickles….
July 26, 2009, 8:41 pm
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cody bear and pickles in one of thier favorite places:

sunday1with their favorite friend:

sunday2i wish they would knock the cuteness off every once in a while…

those girls sure love critters…..
July 24, 2009, 2:27 pm
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and so goodbear and buzzybeegirl found themselves at the botanical gardens one evening…..

they heard a buzzing.  more of a hum, or a whirrrrr.   hundreds of figeater beetles were visiting the garden that same night.

here they have found the motherload:  a juicey fig.

figeatermotherloadbut what’s this?

figeaters pasthow sad.  scads of dead fig beetles littering the ground be low.  as you can see, they are a striking metallic green.

there were other lovely critters, such as this resting fritilary butterfly…

butterflythey wandered through the grounds.  they chatted.  they attended a small chinese music concert.  they cursed themselves for leaving their “real” cameras at home.

but they were too hungry to last long at the concert.  they left to meet buzzy’s husband at a mexican restaurant and pigged out.  goodbear woke up the next morning second guessing her menu selection….

hope you like today’s bug shots!

and hope you have a nice friday!

the legend of “naughty pickles”
July 24, 2009, 6:24 am
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some of you may have heard that border collies are smart.  some of you mayyyy have heard they can be difficult.

well, we had our little angel for a year or so.  then, suddenly and with adorable energy, little miss pickles found her inner hooligan.

her agility teacher has called her “perfect pickles”, but last night miss picky pants was sent home early from class.

she is so stubborn.  she blows me off.  she sasses off to cody bear.  then….she pretends to be snuggly and loving.

we’re on to her, aren’t we cody bear?

naughtypicklesoh pickles.  you’re in for a world of learnin’.

where the heck is goodbear?
July 23, 2009, 5:47 am
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many answers to that:

1.  she has been busy at work.

2. she has been busy with friends.

3. she went away for a mini-vacation with the dogs this weekend.

4. she entertained some guests.

5. she has been busy wracking her brain trying to think of something clever to say to a stranger, her new secret crush.

6. she has been struggling to handle her border collie puppy who just decided to work her stubborn streak.

bad girl7. she’s been exhausted from the heat.

8. she’s been celebrating cody bear’s good health.

9. she’s been shopping for jeans.

but things are slowing down.  temporarily.

tomorrow i plan to tell you about “naughty pickles” and “cody bear’s tender belly”

welcome home!
July 15, 2009, 6:53 pm
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so, i’m home for lunch.  i was greeted at the front door by two very waggy, spinny, smily furpods.

here they are after their potty break:

lunch buddiesshould i go back to work, or should i stay home with the smilers?