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July 4, 2009, 2:41 pm
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today is cody bear’s birthday!  i’ll be posting more about that later, naturally.

my boss gave us yesterday off for cody bear’s birthday…well, acutally, for 4th of july, but whatever.

so buzzy and i grabbed the macros and embarked on a quest for bees.  as i was waiting patiently at some purple flowers for bees to land, i looked to my left and saw this guy…

gfinch7-09i love gold finches.

in other bird news, my curved bill thrashers are back.   after last month’s tragedy, the adults are back in my yard and trying to rebuild their lives.  trying to rebuild their lives at 5:30 in the morning on a saturday when i can sleep late.  well,….i’m still glad they’re back!

i better get going.  have to feed the dogs then empty some cf cards for this morning’s shoot.  a poodle and a schnauzer….

stay tuned for cody bear’s birthday post!


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Happy Birthday Cody Bear!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

How did the Founding Fathers know so long ago that Cody Bear would be born on this date? Amazing! Happy birthday, Cody Bear!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Happy birthday, Cody! Happy nesting, Thrashers! Happy bathing, Goldfinch! Happy, happy, happy.

Comment by waterjay

Happy Birthday Cody Bear and happy nestbuilding to the Thrashers. I hope they make it a safe one this time.

Comment by daisydog

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