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July 9, 2009, 2:39 pm
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hello all!


waiting for cats to run by…

morningbearin national dog news:

oh, and i found a dalmation last night. it jumped right into my car.  because he had a current tag i was able to drop him off to his owner at a gas n sip in under 10 minutes!

well, i suppose i should feed the critters then get off to work!


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Ohhh that beautiful baby. He looks so regal in that last pic. 😀 Glad to see some people can stay with their blog. *sigh*

Comment by Gina

He is sooo beautiful. Whom do I admire more–CB or PP? Hard to say.

Comment by Still Life in South America

Wow, now in that picture you can really see that the cinnabun has really filled out nicely. Looking good bear, looking good!

Comment by pennycat

Such pretty pictures. Those ears look so soft.

Comment by starlaschat

Yep, lookin’ mighty good.

Comment by waterjay

That Dalmation was lucky to find you!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

That Dalmation must have realized you were a good dog loving human.

Comment by S. Le

This dog is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those pictures and stories… I really want a dog but can’t have one for now, so thanks for giving me my cute-doggie fix!! 🙂

Comment by Nini

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