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but what?
July 13, 2009, 8:29 pm
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i haven’t blogged lately.

it’s not because i haven’t had time.  i laid around all weekend doing nothing but sleeping and playing with the dogs.

i’ve been moping, actually.  i’ve been moping because i just can’t figure out what life is all about.  i know i love my dogs. i know i’m lucky to have awesome friends and to have a great job.  but i don’t know much else. 

so, sorry i’ve been absent.  i am going to post a picture of my cat tonight, that much is certain.  and who knows what else will happnen.

i guess that’s the problem.

….i’m sort of bored. 

….i’m sort of thinking i need a change.

but what?


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Scuba lessons?

Comment by waterjay

when you find out what this turn on the mortal coil is about, please put my name on the mailing list.

I think you have plenty of purpose: furry puppy tummy lover, Thesis supporter, daughter, friend… you’ve touched more lives than you know…

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

thanks stephanie. that’s sweet. and i will get you on that mailing list…right after i finish my scuba lessons!

Comment by goodbear

Hey, Goodbear, remember what you told me when I was kind of down about not working on my books anymore because I was spending so much time on Dennis’s blog? I’m way too Chandler-esque to come up with anything like that on my own to tell you now, but can we pretend that I did?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla


Comment by daisydog

It sounds like it is time for a moonlight bike ride on the Kombi!

Comment by Abacus

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