cody bear's friends

we’re easy….easy like tuesday morning.
July 14, 2009, 3:04 pm
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oh i’m sorry pickles and cody bear!  did i make you get up too early today?

puppy belly

resting alreadyyou should be outside romping while i’m getting ready for work!


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Is Pickles dreaming of belly rubs?

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

she’s trying to entice me to come rub her belly and not get ready for work.
they both know how to work the cuteness.

Comment by goodbear

Glamour shots! Woo-hoo!

Comment by S. Le

work it Pickles…work it!

Comment by buzzybeegirl

I’m hearing the BeeGees: You should be romping, yeah!

Comment by waterjay

Hi there! As usual, your dog pictures make me smile 🙂

Since you obviously love bees and seem pretty knowledgeable about them, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions by email? I live in LA and stray bees end up on my balcony/in my apt all the time, and I was wondering how to help them (beyond giving them a snack of raw honey for the road)?

Comment by Nini

hi nini.
i’m glad you left another comment. and nice to hear you have some questions about bees. i would recommend you speak to my friend anna. she is an entomologist specializing in bees, from l.a. and moving back to cali in a few months. she’s very bee smart!
you can contact her here:

did the bee look like this?

i hope it didn’t look like this….

Comment by goodbear

Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much, I just emailed your friend 😀

The bee does look like your first picture – smaller though, and she has no pollen whatsoever stored on her legs at all. I hope she rests for the night and makes it home to her hive in the morning…

Comment by Nini

On second thought… “my” bee seems less colorful than that one on your pic. Duller colors.

Comment by Nini

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