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thursday night with cody bear and pickles
July 31, 2009, 2:20 pm
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why does this dog look so happy?

schmickperhaps she learned that her mom’s office is NOT going to be moving to the other side of town!!!!!  hurray!  what a relief.

here are some other updates:

buzzy and her man are almost all packed and are moving to cali in two weeks.  so sad!  california has stolen many of my friends.

i was very sick of hearing what kind of beer they were drinking in the white house this week.

codybear has a vet appointment tomorrow.

one of my friends got west nile virus last weekend when we went to the mountains outside of town.  she’s been sick all week but is getting better.

here’s the bear:

thebearapproacheshere they are being cute together:

grocerydayyou may notice something odd in the background.  i don’t keep my toilet paper in the living room. i had just gotten back from grocery shopping and hadn’t put everything away yet.

have a good friday everyone!


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What happy smiles!

What’s wrong with keeping toilet paper in the living room? Doesn’t that make it easier for cats to get at and kill it?

Comment by almostgotit

ha ha! actually, my cat doesn’t play with toilet paper. she….plays in the toilet bowl itself. she gets straight to business.

i hate that she plays in the toilet!

Comment by goodbear

Yay for your office not moving — that sounded like it would have been really annoying!

Comment by laura

I was worried about your work situation, and I was going to write with some brainstorming thoughts–but I’m so glad to hear that you can keep coming home for lunch. Yeah!

Hope CB’s appt. goes just as well.

Comment by Still Life in South America

Whew, that’s toilet paper? For a moment I thought it was some sort of bizarre googly-eyed alien chair!

Good news on the office not moving, but sorry you’re losing Buzzy. We’ll say hi to her if we see her out here though!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Oh good thing the office isn’t moving! I can barely make it back and forth during my lunch when I need to go home which is once a week. Sorry to hear your friend is moving.

Comment by daisydog

Bear is still looking good. You have some wonderful dogs.

Comment by Preston Surface

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