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why a meaty bear is a good thing…
August 6, 2009, 6:09 pm
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ah, thursday. let’s review the week so far….
first, saturday’s vet apptointment. you would be correct in assuming it was cody bear that went to the doctor, not pickles. he is after all….very special. (ahem….cough cough)


this trip was a mysterious lump.  more details to follow. but first….and this is exciting and many long time readers who understand his gastroparesis issue will understand….cody bear weighs 49 pounds!!!!  that’s the most he has ever weighed.  i’ve always thought 50 was a goal for this little barfer, but i’ll take 49!!!!  all his people friends tell him he’s a meaty bear!

about the bump.  it’s very small.  less than an inch from his eyeball.  given that two of cody bear’s friends (younger than him) received cancer diagnoses last month, i took him in right away.  you guys….he was such a good boy.  he was pinched, squeezed, poked, scraped and he just lay there.  then he stood, legs quivering while they stuck a needle in his face to get a sample.  his head remained perfectly still.  i love this little bear so much!   it is probably an infection and i have to “soak his face” (not as bad as it sounds) twice daily.  (for more info on cody bear’s gastroparesis, click “gastroparesis” in the tag cloud to the left)

now regarding pickles….


she’s fine…

ha ha, of course i won’t leave it at that.  she has a border collie meetup/playdate saturday.  exciting.  oh, and she is so sick of the heat.  she gets mopey in the heat.  we had to take two weeks off from agility, but she isn’t protesting, which is good.

our week has been busy last night dinner with a friend, then later other friends came by to chill. tonight, a movie. tomorrow night cody bear has to work so pickles and i will tag along.

saturday is going to be jammed with errands and what not. 

work is going well this week.

you can follow my dogdailyphoto blog each day if you’re bored and need to see some cutesies.


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Codybear looks the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever seen him. (Granted, I can only see him on your pics…) Gosh, he looks like a teddybear in that picture.

I’m so happy things are going well, Goodbear!

Comment by Still Life in South America

thanks stilllife. it’s always nice to know our online friends care so much about the little ones.
some day you’ll have your own dog and we’ll be following their shenanigans on line!

Comment by goodbear

Yea for a Beefy Bear!

Comment by daisydog


Comment by AUNT TERRIE

Three cheers for a plump Bear!
I have to say he looks VERY healthy. His fur is so glossy, he always has a big smile on his face… I just wanna squish him! (don’t we all??)

Congrats on keeping him and Pickles in such great shape, and so happy 🙂

Comment by nini

thanks everyone.
and yes nini: he is very squishy looking. squeezably soft.

Comment by goodbear

That is one giant happy face on the CB! Naturally, here’s to all being quite well with the guy.

Comment by forkboy

“Go soak your face” … hmm, if it were being soaked in like chicken broth, he would probably like it. Antibiotics not so much. He weighs almost exactly the same as Dennis and Trixie, by the way!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Very good! Very good indeed!

Comment by S. Le

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