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back in time, down in temperature….
August 10, 2009, 5:55 am
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the heat has been getting to everyone.  it was time to get out of town…and, after leaving town….ride a train down a hole for several hundred feet!

mine peepswe took a day trip and went on a mine tour!  it was 47 degrees F below ground.  100 degrees back home and we had to wear sweatshirts.  hurray!

mine trainyou ride a train down.  well…sort of a train. more of a picnic bench on iron wheels.

mine railsthey bundled us in yellow jackets and gave us helmets and battery packs with 8 hour lights.  they explained the history, techniques and lore . . .


i was just there for the cold air!

last saturday, over breakfast, we thought about this hair brained day trip.  glad we did it.  i suggest you follow through with one of your hair brained ideas.

what did YOU do this weekend?


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I think I’d freak out down there!

Saturday I cut up a wedding cake and Sunday stood in sweltering heat whilst Husband bought wood to begin the kitchen building project.

Comment by S. Le

Umm, we went to a picnic with students and staff from the studio, then I helped my wife do some stuff on Flickr for Ballistic Racers, then I got a haircut and went grocery shopping, then I mowed the lawn, and then it was Monday and I was wondering where the weekend went.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Hmm. Let’s see. I started out with my friend, Janeen, drinking beer and wine (bad mixture). Moved on to sushi and the requisite sake (Purple Haze, actually) then to Jax Fish House for Pimm’s #2 Cups., driving at high speeds on straightaways on farm roads north of Boulder, then back to a bottle of red wine and an after-dark tour of a H-U-G-E rose garden. All in all, a nice Sunday! (Don’t forget to drink LOTS of water when doing the aforementioned activity!)

Comment by Sam

That looks a little scary…..

Comment by daisydog

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