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very quiet house guests….
August 12, 2009, 2:13 pm
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new plantswelcome to goodbear’s house.  well, her front patio, at least.

my first pair of friends have started their move.  these folks to portland.  their real estate agent demanded they get rid of their many potted plants.   i guess she thinks they were cluttering the yard or something.  foolish woman.

so i am fostering some plants!  as you can see, they’ve assimilated with my existing potted plants quite well!


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Your patio looks really beautiful!

Comment by laura

i worked on it this morning. tomorrow morning i tackle the back yard.

Comment by goodbear

A long distance wave to my plants! They look very happy. Thanks George!!

Comment by Alli

Lovely! I adore plants but live in the woods where some have difficulty growing. They look very good at your place!

Comment by S. Le

I also need to know why you are called G***. I. Need. To. Know!

Comment by S. Le

hi s. le. it’s short for something.

Comment by goodbear

Oh, come on, let me tell……..It is short for Gigalina Rosenbenna!!! It is a Jewish Italian Portuguese name!

Comment by pennycat

Resistance is futile. Your plants will be assimilated.

We ditched most of our plants when we moved to California, but a couple came with us. Unfortunately they later passed away from frost. Frost in California — who knew?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Very cool. I am kicking myself up and down atht I didn’t move all my empty pots from my other house when I moved. Now I want to do more pots and I have to by them!

Comment by daisydog

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