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hide your trees everyone!
September 25, 2009, 5:51 pm
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oh you guys.  living with cody bear is always fun, i must say. 

every morning after breakfast he goes, what i call, h.o.p.  HELL ON PAWS.  runs like a lunatic through the back yard.  pounceing in front of me or pickles, spinning around, enticing us to chase him, attacking blades of grass.

looks like this most days:

tr pounce

this morning he’s running around then suddenly disappears behind an old, huge creosote bush.  then i hear this intense growling like he’s fighting for his life.  next thing i know, i hear a loud CRACK and he emerges from the scrub with a 5 foot long tree branch in his jaws.  and he’s running top speed through the yard.

i instantly foresee danger, but it was ok.  shortly after he ran by a folding lawn chair and it got caught.  he looked at it like, “ouch.  branch….why you hatin’?”

pickles freezes, looks at the branch like, “wow. that looked fun.” grabs it.  she got about 2 feet before she got it tangled in the drying rack and knocked my t-shirts into the dirt.  oh pickles!

cody with twig:

tr cb

pickles…wondering if she is going to have to hide from cody bear:

tr pick


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Love the Cody Bear dust cloud!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Your doggies always look so happy! That says a lot about you you know!

Comment by S. Le

That’s the sort of insanity that brings a smile to my face.

Comment by forkboy

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