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how to spend part of your paycheck…
October 23, 2009, 4:11 pm
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hi everyone!!!

so glad it is friday.  been waiting for that pay check.  going to pay college loan, buy dog food, put petrol in the car, that sort of stuff.  

i have a mellow weekend planned: dog walking, movie rental, bike riding house cleaning, taking some pictures. 

oh speaking of pictures, here is one from last weekend’s trip to the botanical gardens:


all you friends of cody bear and pickles, they’re doing fine.  i’ll try to get some pictures up this weekend. i think pickles has finally stopped growing.  she’s up to 38 pounds but a very tall girl.

must be delicious…
October 23, 2009, 1:33 am
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have you seen this??? it’s pretty cute:

emmy and i check out the scenery…
October 22, 2009, 9:53 pm
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my mom is in town.  my house is a mess.  and you know….that’s never a good scenario.

but let’s move on:

had a  photo shoot  at the park with some lovely golden retrievers sunday morning.  some guy was walking circles around the lake with a net for over an hour.  when we passed him on the way to our cars, k asked, “what have you been looking for?” he smiled and presented this…


there were also dragonflies and firefighters at the park! two of my favorite things to look at.  (oh goodbear….you tramp!)

i’ve been very busy with work and dog photography biz stuff.  in my free time i’ve been playing with the dogs and killing dangerous spiders.  as usual, goodbear has a very glamorous life!

looks like i’m not the ONLY one interested in the firefighters!  emmy has her eye on them, too!


did they take the buggies with them!?
October 21, 2009, 5:57 am
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i know.

i haven’t written much lately.  busy with the photography business and busy trying (unsuccessfully) to get my life straightened out.

cody bear and pickles are doing great.  we just finished a super long walk in the cool fall air.

“why haven’t we heard about insects lately?” you’re asking. right?  you’re asking that?

well, i have to admit…my heart wasn’t really into it after buzzy and dr. bee left town.and also, strangely….the bees have disappeared.  i’ve always had bees sleeping here.  but not for months.

what i did have was 7 black widows on my front porch.  i had a friend come over one night after i realized they were there.  we launched a wild assault and killed 6 that night.  i killed on the day before.

they’re gone now.  can’t have them there.  too dangerous for the munchkins.

so…fly, mosquito, spider. but no bee.


the sandwich crab.
October 16, 2009, 3:18 am
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i’ve gone to the same sandwich shop for work lunches for a year now….about once or twice a month.

everytime i go in i am greeted by…the sandwich crab.  a young, brown haired miserable girl.  i greet her cheerily each time and with every sandwich i am met with a cold stare and a nasty “do you know what you want?” or something like that.

many times i debate:  should i call the manager and complain about how crabby this beeyotch is?

months ago i decided, “clearly she HATES my cheeriness!”  and because she deserves no better….i will keep that shit up.

this afternoon i go in for my-veggie-on-wheat-no-onions.  she looks as miserable as usual.

she takes my order.  she meets me moments later at the cash register.  i smile and hand her my debit card with a jiggle of the ponytails.

“thank you!” i say as she hands me my card.

she looks at me and says.


“have a pleasant day.”

well, that’s lame…but more than lame….it’s pretty freakin’ congenial for her.  i wonder if that’s the sweetest she can be.

nice job sandwich crab.  nice to see i’m cracking your shell.

a visit from the agility fairy?
October 12, 2009, 6:25 am
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we left, and when we got back home THIS was in the backyard…


the muffins were so excited they went to jump through it at the same time.  fortunately they are smartskies and aborted before they jumped and got stuck in there together.

“may i?”

“certainly cody bear. i insist.”

“why thank you.”

enough with the sweet puppy dog eyes already!!! sheesh
October 10, 2009, 4:18 pm
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must there always be so much cuteness?

cbhuhno wonder i never get anything done around here!  sweet babies are always looking at me, trying to be adorable.

cbbwpaws and muzzles and bellies…

cbnppawsso much snuggling, so little time.