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true confessions . . . goodbear comes clean
October 2, 2009, 6:17 pm
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hi everyone!  ready for the weekend?

i’m not at peace right now because some of my friends think i’m actually deeper than i probably am. so, i thought i would confess some things here…on my blog, for all the world (ok, just a couple hundred people) to see.

1.  i watch survivor…and big brother.  alot of my friends say they don’t watch tv, they read.  that’s cool.  but i watch some fluffy television. i’m at peace with that. 

2.  my two celebrity crushes are gordon buchanen and jeff probst.  there, ….i said it.  now i will just sit back and wait for one of them to call me.

3.  i failed as a vegan because i love pizza toooo much.  sorry cows.

4.   i don’t know the capitals of many u.s. states.

hmmm. that’s all i can think of now.  i’ know there’s more dark and ugly secrets…i just can’t remember them.

now….what you really want to know is….”how are those crazy dogs of yours, goodbear?”

thank you for asking.  the answer is:

they’re fast these days.




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Who’s Gordon Buchanen? And I’m right there with you on the pizza. Let’s not forget the hot wings and bleu cheese, either.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

gordon buchanen is the best wildlife videographer in the world. he’s from scotland, he rocks the big cats and he was recently part of the team that discovered all the crazy new species in south america.
i big puffy heart him.

Comment by goodbear

Yep. I’m with you on the vegetarian thing. I tried, but couldn’t resist the siren song of the hamburger!

Absolutely great pics too! Especially the very blurred Pickly-girl!

Comment by forkboy

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