cody bear's friends

did they take the buggies with them!?
October 21, 2009, 5:57 am
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i know.

i haven’t written much lately.  busy with the photography business and busy trying (unsuccessfully) to get my life straightened out.

cody bear and pickles are doing great.  we just finished a super long walk in the cool fall air.

“why haven’t we heard about insects lately?” you’re asking. right?  you’re asking that?

well, i have to admit…my heart wasn’t really into it after buzzy and dr. bee left town.and also, strangely….the bees have disappeared.  i’ve always had bees sleeping here.  but not for months.

what i did have was 7 black widows on my front porch.  i had a friend come over one night after i realized they were there.  we launched a wild assault and killed 6 that night.  i killed on the day before.

they’re gone now.  can’t have them there.  too dangerous for the munchkins.

so…fly, mosquito, spider. but no bee.



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I guess Buzzy took the bees, but left the widows … 😦

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Super pic of the fly! Really and truly awesome.

Comment by forkboy

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