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and everyone was invited!!!
November 27, 2009, 4:13 am
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ahhh. the holidays.

this week i was pulling into my driveway, jammed on th breaks.  the neighbor didn’t stop…she ran into me.i’m in a rental. i mitsubishi eclipse.

but thennnn….it was thanksgiving.  my friend r. invited me over. all the food was so tasty. they even made vegetarian versions of some of the dishes.

i brought a salad and…these….

i made chocolate covered strawberries!  it was really easy.  you just melt chocolate. then you dip the berries in.  sort of a lame dessert really, but people like ’em.   it was verrrry easy.

oh…and r. said the dogs could come!

r. has 2 dogs, coco the poodle and emma the schnauzer.

the dogs don’t get to go to r.’s much, but they love it there, and they LOVE coco!

all in all, a wonderful thanksgiving day!

“stairs are fun”
November 23, 2009, 6:39 am
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and so it came to pass that i had to work one weekend.  and it was deemed necessary to have a dog with me.

that is how cody bear found himself down town one day, clomping up and down the studio stairs.  he seems to like ….work….whatever that is.

and yes, i’m puzzled by this behavior…
November 22, 2009, 6:49 am
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saturday night.

watching snl, sitting at my desk editing photos.

pickles gets tired, walks into her crate and lays down.

the cat comes up.  she pats me on the leg.  i let her jump up. she purrs then pops down.

she walks toward the crate.

pickles sits up.

the sniff  each other  through the open door.

spree walks in.  pickles looks at her like she’s a space alien.

cat rubs against the dog a couple times then makes her way to the back of the crate.  lays down.

dog looks confused…then lays back down.

and there you have it.


lady good bear’s “who’s hot who’s not” list!
November 12, 2009, 10:47 pm
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bear with feet

while everyone knows cody bear is my number one guy, my main squeeze, the man of the house, i do want to let you all know lady goodbear’s top five list of hot guy jobs.

disclaimer:  please don’t be hurt if your profession is not on this list.  this is just what i think is hot.

1.  wildlife conservationist

2.  teacher (high school and above)

3.  nature cinematographer/wildlife videographer

4.  photojournalist

5.  (tie) firefighter/veterinarian

(this list is subject to change)

jobs lady goodbear does NOT think are hot:


2.  coyote

3.  strip club manager

4.  body builder

5.  puppy mill owner

ww – nice ear
November 11, 2009, 2:14 pm
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more dog pix

when grocery shopping for cody bear….
November 11, 2009, 4:51 am
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shoppingour water filtration system broke!  a few days of hard tap water got our sensitive little cody bear all . . . barfy.  the water filter mechanism company is sending a replacement unit, gratis, but in the meantime….bottled water.  after a week of barfing cody bear was back to a barf free existance after just 3 days of bottled water.  5 days sans throw up.

oh….sooo…yes, no you know why i always buy huge bundles of paper towels.  you go through many, many paper towels when you have a dog with gastroparesis.

oh, and yes…you go through a fair amount of red wine when you have a dog with gastroparesis.  JK!

but, we’re glad to say he is feeling MUCH better.

better bearready for playing.  hard core romping!

we had an ok vet visit yesterday, in fact.  he weighs 49.7 lbs.  i still try to get him to 50 lbs. it’s been my goal for years.  the doctor thought he looked healthy, but, as i said, the visit was ….ok.  we have a lump we’re watching….

i think he’ll be fine.  right?


for more info on cody bear’s gastroparesis…click on “gastroparesis” in the tag cloud to the left.

before work today…
November 4, 2009, 2:41 pm
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the dogs have just spotted a cat.

catwatchtime to give them breakfast anyway. but first….

shoesthe shoes i’m wearing to work today.

…next to a hurl-a-squirrel