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November 2, 2009, 3:58 pm
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wow….what a week.


i have some news. not all of it is good, but none of it is TOO bad.


had a yard sale this weekend.  i hate them but decided to do it for two reasons: 1. i need a little extra cash.  things have been tight lately and cody bear has a vet appointment next monday.  trying not to use my credit card. 2. there is just too much stuff in my house.  i made $250 and my friend m. made 50ish and d. made 58.  and i got rid of a bunch of crap jewelry i never wear anymore.  the “cd’s for $1.00 each”  was great.  sold about 30 of those, some of wich buzzy bee girl left behind when she moved to cali.

moving on….cody bear is sick again.  i think we are getting it in check, but between the onset of a new flair up and a couple mysterious bumps…well,….i best just take him in.  i have learned he DEFINITELY has to have filtered or bottled water.  city water is too hard for him and long term usage (a week or more) will really set him off.

on a related note: my pur water filtration system broke. AFTER i spent 60 bucks and a huge box of filters, opened it and used one. 

business-wise:  we have been working VERY hard on things and we’re having fun.  our new studio lighting comes in.  these will be continuous in addition to all the strobes and light boxes in the studio already.  the new lights will be great to have for dogs that don’t like the pop of the strobe when getting their picture taken.  we’re also getting 2 new cameras!!!  also, our pr person worked hard on a pr plan and press release which is going out today!

the best part of all:  it’s getting colder and i’m trying to put off turning the heat on until i can’t handle it anymore.  well it’s working well because last night both dogs and the cat snuggled up around me and it was so comfortable.  my head got cold though….maybe i should get another pet.  what’s a good head warming pet?  rabbit?  bush baby?  maybe i’ll just sleep in a hoody….

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Poor Cody Bear! Hope he gets well FAST!

Congrats on the profits! Woot!

Comment by S. Le

Electric blankets are awesome for avoiding turning on the heat, and they also attract pet snuggles, the best thing about cold weather, imo 🙂

Get well soon, CB!

Comment by Laura

I like having my head cold at night, as long as the rest of me is warm.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

You know I’d be a client if I had a dog and I lived in your area!

Hope the vet visit didn’t require many costs. Poor CB.

Comment by Still Life in South America

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