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lady good bear’s “who’s hot who’s not” list!
November 12, 2009, 10:47 pm
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bear with feet

while everyone knows cody bear is my number one guy, my main squeeze, the man of the house, i do want to let you all know lady goodbear’s top five list of hot guy jobs.

disclaimer:  please don’t be hurt if your profession is not on this list.  this is just what i think is hot.

1.  wildlife conservationist

2.  teacher (high school and above)

3.  nature cinematographer/wildlife videographer

4.  photojournalist

5.  (tie) firefighter/veterinarian

(this list is subject to change)

jobs lady goodbear does NOT think are hot:


2.  coyote

3.  strip club manager

4.  body builder

5.  puppy mill owner


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Hmmm… Younger Brother is a divorced college professor Physiologist in his mid 40s. Would he do?

I think I could see Cody’s tonsils if he had any. What a cute puppy!

Comment by S. Le

intriguing! does he like dogs?

Comment by goodbear

I see “programmer” is not on either list … what about “dog blog author”?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Younger Brothers elderly dog just died. Yes he likes dogs.


Comment by S. Le

@James – yeah, I know, just asking, right?

Comment by S. Le

Can’t comment on all that guy stuff, but I sure love the grin ol’ Cody Bear is showing.

Comment by Preston Surface

I second Preston’s note. Love Cody Bear’s grin. It makes me extremely happy.

Comment by Still Life in South America

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