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and yes, i’m puzzled by this behavior…
November 22, 2009, 6:49 am
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saturday night.

watching snl, sitting at my desk editing photos.

pickles gets tired, walks into her crate and lays down.

the cat comes up.  she pats me on the leg.  i let her jump up. she purrs then pops down.

she walks toward the crate.

pickles sits up.

the sniff  each other  through the open door.

spree walks in.  pickles looks at her like she’s a space alien.

cat rubs against the dog a couple times then makes her way to the back of the crate.  lays down.

dog looks confused…then lays back down.

and there you have it.



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Pickles and the cat are so cute. They sure do look lots alike. Gotta’ share this YouTube with you, looks just like pickles…. Enjoy!!!

Comment by Preston Surface

isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse?

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

That’s so cute!!!

Comment by Laura

Ahhh winter, winter… the promise of furry warmth seems to melt the heart of even the toughest felines 😉
Adorable weirdness!

Comment by Nini

Perhaps Spree suddenly realized they were wearing similar coats and was feeling all matchy-matchy. Too cute and weird!

Comment by S. Le


Comment by Beth G

I’d be careful…if they start conspiring together it’s all over for you!

Comment by forkboy

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