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December 3, 2009, 4:26 am
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hey! the new point & shoot works pretty well!  pretty far away, indoors, without a flash.

oh, yeah, i was at a basketball game recently.

moving on…

the day before thanksgiving…my neighbor drove into me.  she didn’t see me.

look at poor honda!

“doesn’t look that bad” you say?  the driver’s door doesn’t open and the alignment and wheel are wonky. plus the obvious damage.

it’s been in the shop for a week.  in the meantime i’ve been driving a rental mitsubishi eclipse.  ack!  i’m soooo not a sportscar girl.  glad i learned that before my midlife crisis.  the visibility sucks and i can barely fit the camera equipment and groceries in there at once.  let alone dogs! sheesh.

but the cheerleaders! look at them!  they’re givin’ us snaps!


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My wife will probably trade her car for your rental Eclipse. She’s definitely a sportscar girl.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Wonky wheels are no good! I hope the repair shop does a good job. Snazzy shot of the UA Wildcat cheerleaders, by the way.

Comment by Zen Martha

Oh no! It’s like mine was only perhaps a bit worse! Hope yours comes out as well as mine did.

Cheerleaders make me feel unusual.

Comment by S. Le

Only at Goodbear would pictures go from cheerleaders to damaged Honda’s!

Comment by forkboy

they did a great job!

Comment by goodbear

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