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capping off the week…or…how goodbear lost her ability to shake her groove thang
December 4, 2009, 5:54 pm
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got my car back last night!  they did a great job and the only way you would know it was in an accident….is by noticing how very CLEAN it is.  wow.  they did a nice job cleanin’ that baby!

so, yes, it’s friday. and i totally expect you all to have a fun weekend.  don’t overburden yourself with holiday shopping.  really.  i don’t expect gifts! 

a day trip perhaps?

this one time, not at band camp, we took a day trip to this little artsy town.  and there was this building.  it was covered in beer bottle caps.  the door, the window frames.  cool eh?

as for me…i have a photo shoot with a VERY small dog tomorrow.  i am sort of dreading it because….i have sciatica!  what?  how come i’m aging all of a sudden?  i was romping with pickles and i bent funny and ….ohhh…you know how it goes.

i’m supposed to have beers with a friend, but i’m not sure my ibuprofen will enjoy partying with hops and barley tonight.  hops and barley….sound like puppy names.


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Glad you got your car back so quickly!

Maybe the beers will help your back? Happy Friday!

Comment by S. Le

Mucho coolness on the hipster photo. I like it!

Comment by Zen Martha

Nice flair!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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