cody bear's friends

has cody bear been living a lie?
December 10, 2009, 7:04 am
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i’m confused.  my entire belief system has been toppled.  my world is topsy turvy!….

cody bear and my cat….are friends?

i had been sitting at my desk for a great while, working on clients’ photos after agility with pickles.   i got up and heard a sound.  it was cody bear, snapping awake and jerking up his head. but…he couldn’t move on time.  i busted him.  he had been spooning with spree…the CAT!

cody bear hates cats!  he chases them…viciously!   he sees one out the window and he acts like hannibal lecter.  he’s been in fights with ferals in the back yard…and lost!  he ignores my kitty, won’t make eye contact with her.  acts disGUSTED when she is near by.

witness:  in this photo…he looks VERY guilty!

is it THAT cold that my cody bear is now slumming it with the cat?  and how can she trust him?  i THOUGHT she knew what a cat hater he was.

after reviewing these photos…i can only say…the mayans ARE right.  our world IS coming to an end!

(i wish i had had time to grab the good camera with the good flash so i didn’t have these glowy psycho doggie eyes. ….sigh.)


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CB and Oliver are kindred spirits. He acts exactly the same way towards cats on the street…. but has also been spotted snuggling with his own kitties lately.

Comment by Laura

he’s so busted!

Comment by Zen Martha

It’s the love that dare not speak its name …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

There are support groups in your area, I’m sure.
“Hi. My name is C.B. & I’m a closet cat lover.”

Comment by sam

He probably looks that way because he was trying to decide how badly he could hurt Spree without you spanking him!

Comment by S. Le

I must refer to Revelations….I’m certain there is something in their about the Bear laying with the Spree

Comment by forkboy

He DOES have a guilty look! Love it!

Comment by Still Life in South America

Oh Cody!!! Just catching up, BTW love your blog 🙂 and your animals!

Comment by daisydog

Considering your November 22nd posting, I’d hazard a guess that this is a trend on Spree’s part — maybe to frame the canines?

Comment by lavenderbay

I’ll try to keep these photos from Hannah – she would never see Codybear the same way again.

Comment by Abacus

Love it! Wade caught Mabel spooning Franklin the other day. Photo documentation to prove it… just in case we need to blackmail Ms. Mabel someday.

Comment by Elizabeth

that is pretty freaking cute and he does look as guilty as they come. WOW! kind of embarrassing to be found snuggling with a CAT…

Comment by mutts & such

I wonder if Cody is going to crash his SUV into a tree now…

Comment by Marcella

Perhaps he was just trying to lull the cat into a sense of security?

Comment by Dog Foster Mom

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