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green, prickly, and out of control
December 15, 2009, 6:18 am
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so yes…i’ve chosen this euphorbia (one of the many varieties) to symbolize my day…

so, we had an….encounter with some native wildlife on our third walk of the day.  it was late.  cody bear and pickles and i were just returning home from a shortsky, when the dogs saw something!  we were passing our neighbor’s house, and a mere 40 feet or so from our driveway….we were walking right by two coyotes that had caught one of those feral cats that has been vexing cody bear!!!

they were eating it and one of the coyotes started approaching us, head low, all stealthy like.  i yelled “back off…back offff!” then the bear barked and pickles started spinning and yipping.  you guys…tonight’s nature appeared to roll his eyes at us and circle away back towards dinner.  clearly he did NOT want me hurling my empty poobag at him!

no one was hurt!

prickly?  out of control?  today was full of uncomfortable and unfortunate encounters.  i’m so glad it is over.

there were some good highlights, though.  pickles’ trip to the hardware store:

my boss calling to say, “i just wanted to say thanks.”

and!…my family will be here in a few days!!!


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Scary coyote encounter! We’ve never met up with one but I’m sure Dennis had run-ins with them while he and his pack were in the desert, because for the longest time he would freak out when he heard them yipping outside.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Wow, glad the coyote was more interested by his meals than by the doggies!
Poor feral kitty ended up a dinner :/

Comment by Nini

How ’bout “fresh, protective, and generous”? Used to be one of my ESL games to think of adjectives that more or less mean the same thing but have polar connotations.
And who’s coming to dinner???

Comment by lavenderbay

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