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cultivating your bird of prey garden?
December 31, 2009, 8:55 pm
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yesterday.  lunch.  i was home, romping with cody bear.  pickles was chewing a stick.

swoop.  coming at us, then changing directions suddenly….a bird.  the red of it’s eye distinctive.

it then landed in a tree behind my fence.  all that was visible…again, his red eye.  oh my camera with the long lens was at work!

it took off for a better perch farther away, then landed again.  i ran in and got my rebel.  just as i jumped onto a chair to look over the fence it took off again, in serious pursuit!

a cooper’s hawk…

isn’t she lovely?

and then she was gone….

have you heard of butterfly gardens, and hummingbird gardens?  i used to joke about cultivating a “bird of prey” garden.  it was when i did wildlife rehab.  (we had sick senses of humor.)  i said i would put out bird feeders to lure song birds and the raptors would follow.  that was year’s ago and i was only kidding.  but, ever since my thrasher baby birdies were eaten i’ve realized….i kinda sorta have a bird of prey garden.

actually, with all the beetles and lizards, even the smaller predatory birds enjoy the lot.

anyway, you can IMAGINE how excited i was to have that hawk in my yard yesterday!  gorgeous bird!


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very nice!

Comment by Zen Martha

We don’t have to cultivate one, all the critters on the hill do it for us!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Cool, glad you got to see/capture image, George 🙂
We have a regular at our house. I frequently see him (it is a first year male) bathing outside my kitchen window!

Comment by Robin

Our squirrel feeders attract plenty of chipmunks, which run back and forth between my house and our neighbors.

There is a local hawk who has discovered this fact and often hunts the short distance between our homes.

It’s sad as we love the chipmunks, but the hawk needs to eat and this is what they do after all.

Comment by forkboy

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