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that’s what’s poppin’ on a saturday!
January 3, 2010, 9:31 am
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“fiiive days to work….one whole day to play, come on every body where your roller skates today. its saturday. saturday saturday…ee-ay-ee-ya-ee-yaaay”  – de la soul.

so yes, in fact, it was saturday.  and it was jam-packed with mingle-y goodness!

dog baths at the self serve dog wash, one at a time. lunch at the burger shot: tasty garden burger!  dinner at the pizza and salad joint with visiting friends, then a “fringe: season one” viewing at d’s.  the dogs were walked, movies were viewed, and three loads of laundry were done. one load of dishes.

and the dog daily photo blog was updated.

cody bear?  well, he’s ready for bed.

and please check out the daily dog photo.  it’s pickles and our tribute to master dog photographer, elliott erwitt!!!!


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Busy as a bee you are!!

Comment by daisydog

“I can has snuggles?”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

That’s a really, really impressive picture of Pickles.

Comment by forkboy

Love your new banner! So cool! Cody looks so cuddly.

Comment by S. Le

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