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with dust on his paws and a smile on his face…
January 6, 2010, 10:59 pm
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2009 had its ups and its downs, but cody bear ended up where he started when this whole crazy blogging thing began:

dusty paws skimming the dirt in the backyard, smile on his face!

i still go home for lunch every day to medicate and feed the guy.  he’s still on 4 small meals a day.  he still loves his baby sister, pickles. and he still runs like the wind.  and i love him more and more every day.  more and more still.

only now….he has a winston churchill impression…

he’ll be six this year, and you can tell.  he’s reallly into sleeping late and cuddling extra moments lately.

now, if you haven’t visited my dog daily photo blog, please do.   i put up a different photo every day, sometimes my dogs, sometimes a client’s.  click here to see the photoblog’s new goals for the year ’10!

alright, back to walk.  talk to you later!


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I love seeing dogs carry stuff around. So cute.

Comment by S. Le

When I see these images I think back to the number of pics you have posted of a less-than-happy CB, when illness and such has left him feeling low.

I much prefer these sorts of pics and hope it is the only sort you have from now on!

Comment by forkboy

The Churchill impression is great. I can’t wait to hear his speeches. “From the fence to the north to the trees to the south, a feral feline curtain has descended across the back yard” No wonder he has to work so hard keeping them out.

Comment by Abacus

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