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interrogation room…cruel lighting and fluffy honesty…
January 11, 2010, 6:21 am
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if you could ask cody bear one question, what would it be?

ask cody bear anything!

or me or pickles.  g’head.


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CB: Can I give you a virtual hug?

GB: What is CB’s and Pickles’ favorite food treat?

CB: What is your favorite part of the endurance course?

P: Do you have any urge to visit SE Asia? Just checkin. 😉

GB: How are Buzzy and Buzzy’s husband doing?

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

cb: yes, a virtual hug. those make the bear wag, too. you may have to come visit some day.
gb: peanut butter. steak.
cb: the A-frame
p: no passport, but you should swing by our house on the way back!
gb: buzzy and her man are doing great! his new professor job is good, but some of his students are IDIOTS! Buzzy’s office is right on the beach and she likes her coworkers. They have both become scuba certified and their dogs are doing well. i miss them very much and we still talk all the time.

Comment by goodbear

How come its so freakin cold here?

Comment by pennycat

Why do I have to have little brothers? Could I make soup out of them?

Comment by pennycat

What’s it like being sooooooo adorable?

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

pennycat, it is cold there because your mom doesn’t love you, or her sister, enough to move to a warmer climate.

also, you have two little brothers to make people laugh. no….do NOT make soup. that is disgusting.

Comment by goodbear

dennis, cb says being adorable is wonderful. people cuddle you all the time…
but you probably have experienced that first paw yourself.

Comment by goodbear

Why do cats purr????
Why is Duster large and Shedden lanky
Why do I keep breaking the HM’s tractor

Comment by PennyCats HF

cat’s purr when they want something. usually love or food.
duster is large because he purrs more so he is rewarded with more food.

you keep breaking the tractor because your mind is on the golf course, not on your chores, as it should be.

Comment by goodbear

Why is my big sister such a grouch? Why doesn’t she like me, I mean I am soooooooo cute. Why am I soooooooo cute?

Comment by Dusterooooooo

For Pickles: Is it true you are the illigimate daughter of a famous super model? If so, who is she?

Comment by Sheddenski

what hard hitting questions!

dusteroo….your sister is a grouch because….
she’s pretty.

she doesn’t like you cuz….you’re pretty.

Comment by goodbear

sheddenski….that rumor is totally false. she is the first model in her family.
she is the cinderella story, out of no where.

Comment by goodbear

Are you friends with Spree? Best friends? And is so, how long has this type of relationship been going on?

Comment by buzzybeegirl

we are NOT friends. i had a moment of weakness when i was cold.

let’s not mention it again.

Comment by goodbear

CB: What’s your favorite part of winter?
Pickles: When will you get a flock to look after?
GB: How have you been able to resist the urge to get a corgi?

Comment by Abacus

Tell the court: where were you on the night on January 1, Mr. Cody?

Comment by Zen Martha

cb: sleeping on the bed
pickles: when they genetically engineer tiny sheep.
gb: house is too small for another dog….but i do miss seeing checkers around the blogs.

Comment by goodbear

zen martha, i was home cuddling. pickles is my alibi. pickles? PICKLES?! i was with her i swear!

Comment by goodbear

GB: What’s your favourite state/national park or birding hotspot south of Kansas?

Comment by lavenderbay

lavender: buenos aires wildlife refuge near arivaca, az

(still very glad you’re blogging again!)

Comment by goodbear

CB: Thanks for smiling all the time. My human has Gastroparesis too and you make her feel better. It takes all the purring I’ve got to keep her going sometimes.

Comment by George c/o Katyacat

good job katycat! keep up the purring!
and thanks so much for visiting the blog! we’ll do our best to keep things cheery around here!

Comment by goodbear

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