cody bear's friends

ohhhh pickllllles, where arrrrr youuuu?
January 12, 2010, 5:27 am
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has anyone see pickles lately?

we’ve been a little “cody bear heavy” at the blog lately.  sorry about that.  he just finds himself in front of the camera more often.

saturday picky punk had her border collie meetup.  all the dogs were new, and not all of them were friendly.

she’s definitely happiest with cody bear. he’s her favorite dog.

she has turned out to be one of the most cuddly dogs i have EVER known.  she is stuck to my side at night while we sleep.  when she’s not playing, she’s moaning and burying her head in my neck.  i knew when i got her she would be a major love,  i just had no idea she would be so loved by me, cody bear AND the cat.

we’re very lucky.  did you see her tribute to elliott erwitt? i know i posted it before. sorry.  she’s just so good!


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Good, and Cute!

Comment by twobarkingdogs

That’s my dogdaughter! (Or is it goddaughter)?

Codybear definitely looks like a ham. 🙂

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

yes stilly, that’s your girl! she’s rasslin’ with cody bear on the living room floor right now, smile on her face!

Comment by goodbear

Hero worship face!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I miss Pickles!!!!!!

Comment by PennyCat's HF

Loved the photo! Love the Pickle!

Comment by daisydog

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