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February 2, 2010, 4:17 pm
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oh dear. there was some excitement at the house this morning. 

some background.  our property is INFESTED with feral cats.  our city has no real trap and release program for the public.  (though ,we can pay to have them removed.)

anyway….the cats are causing problems:

1.  they taunt the dogs  and terrorize my kitty.  they even go into the back yard and the dogs chase them and sometimes catch them.  when the cats are caught, cody bear usually gets beat up by his prey!  they will park it right outside the window and stare at the dogs as the dogs go bat-shit crazy barking!

2.  they are pooping all over, howling when in heat, waking us up in the middle of the night with shreaking cat fights.  it scares my delicate natured kitty and is really such a pain in the ass.  they’re even causing a strange health problem with cody bear. (i’ll spare you the details) and they run around on the roof when i’m trying to sleep.  creepy, actually.  what the hell is going ON up there!?

3.  they’re coyote bait.

there is a pair of coyotes that have moved in and are feasting.  they won’t run out of food anytime soon.  we encounter them on walks and have seen them eating.  they’re out all the time, even at noon.   they’ve killed in my driveway before and the howling. oh.

well, this morning the dogs were sitting on the couch, looking out the picture window by the front door, waiting for breakfast.  they started barking and i assumed it was the cats.  but no, it was a coyote in the drive. i opened the door to yell at it….and the mate was 4 feet away from me!

i yelled and yelled and they ran. i chased them and rand down the drive.

now, i do love coyotes. i do. and these two are well fed and fluffy.  beautiful, really.  but they can’t feel comfortable eating at my house.  i don’t want cody bear or pickles to get hurt.  i get the whole circle of life thing.  i can dig it….i just don’t want to be confronted with it all the time or…have it wake me up.

“that’s no dog!”

oh, by the way, there is a caption writing contest at my other blog today:


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Yikes! You’re forgiven. I like the deer when they’re on the other side of the fence, not chewing the scenery in our yard. How much more dreadful to have coyotes? A coyote nabbed one of my brother’s Jack Russels while he was out walking his dogs on his 100-acre scrubland property. Pretty tragic, if you ask me.

Comment by lavenderbay

The coyotes routinely eat cats and small dogs around here, too. I’m pretty sure that when they’re out there yipping and yowling it means they caught something, and I don’t think it’s always a bunny.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

[…] ever since the coyotes, things have changed.  i took my camera out this morning because i wanted to get some photos of […]

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Wow, that’s not a fun situation. I feel bad for all those feral cats left to breed out and live tough lives only to end up as a coyote’s dinner… but what a nuisance for everyone, too.

I guess the coyotes are trying to achieve what TNR would achieve long term…

As for getting rid of them, is there any way you and maybe a few neighbors could set up a feeding station faaaar from houses? If you set out food close to your house first, then move it progressively every day until it ends up being away from all houses, then the cats would probably stay there, right? Or maybe they wouldn’t :/

Comment by Nini

I hear you on the feral cat situation. We have so many and they poop all over our yard and drive the dogs berserk by pacing up and down our fence. Our German Shepherd Scout is obsessed with staring out the window looking for cats. This morning we saw a coyote running in front of the house for the first time, hopefully they will take care of the cats and move on to the next neighborhood!

Comment by Kathy

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