cody bear's friends

pickles on point
February 4, 2010, 8:44 pm
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here’s a small update on the dogs since the coyotes arrived(click)

pickles thinks she is SO tough when cody bear is around, but the truth of the matter is, until these coyotes finish eating the ferals and move on, little miss gran pick macgregor is NOT allowed in the back yard without her big brother.

she’s too small. a delicate flower, really.

cody has the ability to fluff up and make himself look very big. and he moves fast, and he barks and the coyotes look at him like, “ok, dude! what’s your problem?”

plus, he is well versed in weaponry.  here he wields an intimidating stick.

but seriously,….do you see how the sunrise makes his bun fur just glow in these photos?


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Glowing Bun Fur……..TMI!!

Comment by pennycat

Yep, glowing bun fur oughta scare ’em off, all right.

Pickles too small to take on the coyotes? Then how do you explain corgis against cattle? Okay, besides the part about cows don’t snarl.

Comment by lavenderbay

“What do we do if he has a point-ed stick?”

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

It’s okay, Picky. My mum says I’m a delicate flower too.

CB is going to unleash some kung fu!

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

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