cody bear's friends

a very distinguished gentleman, naturally
February 5, 2010, 10:55 pm
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you may have noticed a certain bear is getting ….um…greyish.

but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  he’s not a very vain cody bear.  plus, he still acts like a playful, young dog.  also, i still think he gets cuter every day!

now here he is in may of 06:

a pretty bear with a black muzzle.

he certainly isn’t slowing down any, just becoming more dashing.


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Trixie is greying almost exactly the same way. *sob*

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

It gives Cody a kinder, gentler look.

Comment by lavenderbay

Are the tops of Cody Bear’s paws turning gray too? My brother Dillon’s paws are!

Comment by littlemissjackie

no, so far just his chin and muzzle.
how old is dillon?

Comment by goodbear

He may be grayer, but his body looks less lean, more filled in. That’s a great thing!

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

“Distinguished”. That’s what I say about my husband’s salt & pepper hair.

Distinguished and Handsome.

Comment by Elizabeth

Dillon is at least 11-1/2, maybe older. Mom says the Humane Society said he was around 18 months old when she got him in 2000, but Dad thinks he may be older. The black parts on my face started getting a lot whiter when I turned 9, I’m 10 now. Mom says she can’t believe we’re getting so old!

Comment by littlemissjackie

Oh, and I meant to also mention that I think Cody Bear looks quite distinguished!

Comment by littlemissjackie

We don’t talk about graying around here because the hu-dad didn’t gray – he lost it. Chuckling.

Comment by D.K. Wall and The Thundering Herd

Re; Dillon’s paws — my Noodle’s paws have, too! I was prepared for the “silvering” of her face, but, paws too?!??
White dogs have it easy, their age doesn’t show like this on them.
Sigh, it still won’t keep me from getting dark or black dogs 🙂

Comment by Robin

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