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ww – desert evening


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Nice Pictures!!!

Comment by PennyCat's HF

Wow, the lighting on the first shot is magnificent! Excellent portrait.

Comment by Snowcatcher

Such serious looks on those pups. What up with that? Lighten up, Dude n Babe!

Comment by Sam

Pickles looks like a suspicious prospector guarding her mine …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

How did you get that cloud halo to pose for Cody?

Comment by lavenderbay

Beautiful pictures!

Comment by D.K. Wall & The Thundering Herd

thanks guys!
i do love my models!

Comment by goodbear

Absolutely beautiful pictures! WOW!
But why does Pickles look like she wants you to “get off her land?”

Comment by buzzybeegirl

ah buzzy. you caught that. she fancies herself a bit of a braveheart. live free or die. you understand.

Comment by goodbear

hehe…Braveheart. Tell those dogs to lighten up!

I adore those desertscapes. Would love to take a walk with you guys. 😀

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

just let us know when you’re in town still life!

Comment by goodbear

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