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“oh woe is us…”
February 20, 2010, 9:42 pm
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today….we’re experiencing weather.

the dogs don’t like weather.  it ruins a perfectly good saturday.

plus, the house is being cleaned so they’re restricted to one room at a time and aren’t allowed to follow around and get underfoot.  being underfoot is one of their FAVORITE passtimes.

hope you’re all having a better weekend than cody bear and pickles.  poor dears, they do suffer so…


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We had weather of lovely blue skies and above-freezing temperatures today, but before C and P get jealous, we left Cai and Fergus in the house and ran off to Fredericton for the afternoon. We’ll take them for a nice jaunt in the park tomorrow, promise!

Comment by lavenderbay

Hey, getting underfoot is one of our favorite pastimes too! We think we have elevated it to an art form…

Comment by littlemissjackie

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