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March 10, 2010, 2:27 pm
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we’re not really morning people. by we, i mean myself and the dogs.  this morning we were woken early by my neighbors puppy clock.  my neighbors puppy clock is a pack of 11 dogs, eight of them puppies, that bark incessantly and loudly sometimes for hours at a time.

so this morning the puppy clock went off very early.  i fell back asleep but…the puppy clock was on snooze and went off every few minutes.

i should talk to him, but i’ve heard him yell at the dogs and he sounds kind of scary.

cody bear  pretends to sleep through it, but pickles and i startle.

my dogs are hell-on-paws when they’re awake, but they’ve always been very good about letting me sleep.  love bugs.

i know for a fact other neighbors have complained to the county but nothing has been done.  i won’t call county because…well, i try to be patient because i don’t want a moody neighbor “paying me back” by giving me trouble about my dogs, or….worse.

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Oh dear, I hope this doesn’t become a recurring theme; are the three adults not fixed? On the other hand, if it’s a one-off accident, maybe your neighbour yells because he doesn’t like early wake-up calls any more than you do. (We can hope.)

Comment by lavenderbay

Oh my, neighbor trouble is not nice. :-((

My neighbor hates dogs. She especially hates little barking terriers. Then why does she whistle aimlessly while leaning over and doing stuff by our chain link fence? It’s a mystery.

What’s also a mystery is how my gate was open to the alley two times last year, letting both my dogs out once and mine and my sister’s the other time. Not nice. 😦 I got a new gate latch, the type that closes automatically from either side if you slam the gate. Almost impossible to “accidentally” leave the gate open. One of the times the dogs got loose I KNOW I shut the gate latch.

Almost every house on the block has dogs. That bark. Maybe she should move!

I hope your neighbor gets a grip sometime soon. 🙂

Comment by Adrienne

If it’s anything like California, calling animal control wouldn’t do any good anyway …

That’s a great picture of Pickles. She looks like she should be on a movie poster.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Bummer about the puppy alarm clock. But this too shall pass…. eventually, right?

Comment by forkboy

Sad about the neighbor. So thoughtless. You know that he isn’t sleeping through the morning either.

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

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