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season of industry!
April 15, 2010, 3:30 pm
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they’re back!  i’ve missed them so.  the bees. the native bees.

the honeybees have been here for a while now, but now that the cactus flowers are starting to bloom, . . . .things are getting exciting!

here is one being a little shy….

this cactus bloom was about 8 feet in the air.  i was standing on a chair about 10 feet away from the cactus.

here comes another one with a not-so-graceful landing….

these are the first two cactus blooms in my yard.  their will be hundreds more.

um….does anyone think i’m a little too excited about this?  it’s ok if you do.  i’m not right in the head when it comes to my little bee friends.

now get back to work.  the bees can’t do everything!


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Yay for bees being back! I don’t think you’re too excited at all — spring is exciting!

Comment by Laura

Beautiful! I’ve not seen many bees though but I reckon they’re out there because everything is in full bloom!

Comment by S. Le

just when it comes to bee friends?

Comment by pennycat

take it easy pennycat. no need to get catty.

Comment by goodbear

Please post about bees; it makes me feel less self-conscious about my own obsessions.

Comment by lavenderbay

Great photos goodbear! I miss your yard, the bees it houses, and I especially miss watching them with you.

Comment by buzzybeegirl

Makes perfect sense to me. I snapped a few lovely shots of a bee while I was out photographing flowers two weeks ago. Bees make for great photography companions as long as they aren’t attacking.

Comment by forkboy

I’ve got a shot I took last week of a bee in a cactus flower. I should send it to you …

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Okay, it’s on Flickr! Also it’s just a random wildflower at the Wild Animal Park, not a cactus, but it’s still a bee.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

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