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April 24, 2010, 7:03 am
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here’s the news re:……


pickles’ agility teacher moved to the outskirts of town, so we’re sans obstacles.  she has a whole new batch of border collie friends.

and she is obsessed with cody bear, for the most part.

here she is overseeing a few of her border collie friends…

cody bear:

the bear is doing great.  he’s never weighed as much and his gastroparesis is almost a memory. (fingers crossed it stays this way.)  he and pickles and i spent easter at a friend’s.  he may even get re-certified for pet therapy.  and most importantly, he loves that pickles loves him.


(that’s the cat, mind you) spree is still trying to find ways to kill me.


well, i have had an interesting month.  got super-weird sick.   found out i have been accepted at a local gallery for my nature photography.  joined a creepy health club.  and mostly…i’ve just been busy.

i….i…i have to go.   my cat is staring at me.  i either need to feed her….or run.

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Congrats on having your stuff shown at a gallery! And, as always, on the very cute and sweet pets!

Comment by Laura

Your month sounds a bit off-kilter. The bit abou the gallery is fantastic, as is Cody’s health!

Comment by S. Le

I’m so glad to hear that Cody’s gastroparesis is subsiding!

And kudos for making it into the photo gallery. You must be thrilled!

Comment by lavenderbay

welcome back!

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

Congrats on the gallery! Which one? Sounds like things are going along well . . . except for the creepy gym thing.

Comment by Alli

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