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are we ready for chooks?
April 30, 2010, 6:12 pm
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a few weeks ago i had a crazy idea.  crazy.

“i’m getting chickens.”  the notion just popped up.  i like eggs, but i don’t like eating them because chickens are treated sooo badly at the farms.  (i know this.  i’ve been to the big chicken farms.  bad)

so i knew one chicken would be enough, but i didn’t want my hen to be lonely and a couple friends were interested in chickens, so we discussed me keeping them all at my house.

well, we’ve researched it.  i even took a class on back yard chook raising.  i still want the chickens.  i just don’t know if i’m ready for the commitment.

here are the class chickens…

my number one issue:  cody bear.  i have a huge yard, but i really think cody bear will circle the coop and want to kill them.  i think the chickens will be stressed.  and i want happy chickens.  happy, stress free chickens.

but, i think he would like a farm fresh egg every now and then. 

do you have chickens?


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I don’t but Benny the Troll does! They lay 3 – 4 huge brown eggs per day. The eggs are very delicious. But he doesn’t have dogs that want to eat the chickens.

Comment by S. Le

This sounds like a post for Jennifer and Dozer!

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

I prefer my chickens with gravy and a biscuit!!

Comment by pennycat

I think it would be great to have maybe a pair of hens, but our by-laws don’t permit urban chicken keeping. Stoopid by-laws.

Comment by lavenderbay

When I was little, we had a farm – with about 15 – 20 chickens. We had two dogs. One ignored them. The other was chained right next to the chicken coop. He basically guarded the chickens, never ate them, and even gingerly sat on some who had fallen out of the next until they were big enough to climb up to the roosts.

I have a friend with chickens and two or three dogs. I’ve never seen the dogs bother the chickens. Probably at first, but the novelty usually wears off, I think.

This article pretty much sums up what I’ve seen people do for rabbits and Guinea Pigs:

Dogs are a pack animal and if you can get the dog(s)to understand that the chickens are part of the pack they can be pretty good.

That being said, depending on the dog – chickens do look pretty tasty.

Maybe someone with chickens would let you bring the dog by to see how he reacts. But Cody Bear is smart and you can probably teach him they are not food. Or maybe try one chicken and see if he tries to eat it?

Comment by Katyacat

I had pet chickens! They laid eggs and were fabulous. I personally recommend the aracaunas. They’re wonderfully hefty, meaty chickens that lay a lot of eggs, sometimes green or blue! My chicken (Peeps, not the most creative name) was an aracauna and she was a lovely bird with a great personality. She would ride the dog into the house, knowing that he got to go inside when she usually didn’t, and would lie next to me to watch TV when I brought her inside with me. I loved my chicken…

Comment by dragonflywoman

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