cody bear's friends

May 11, 2010, 4:53 am
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my computer has a bug….


i was watching netflix on the laptop while working on the pc.  turn my head and saw that little plant bug.    cute, right.?


pollen envy

the bees are out in full  force and i’m telling you….this is a very industrious spring for them.  my allergies have been going crazy, so you can imagine how the bees are just loving all the extra pollen.  hey, if it makes you little bee sweeties happy, i’ll just keep on sucking down the benedryl and not complain.

i’ve been a little spastic about bee photos.  as i mentioned a few days ago, my portfolio was accepted for a show at a nature gallery next summer so i need to get to work snapping some fresh insect images.

yesterday morning i climbed a ladder and perched there with my telephoto.  it was only 8 am and the bees were already hard at work.  but lookie here:

most of the bees had pollen loads the size of the one’s on the left….but look at the one on the right!  holy shit bee! what time did you get up to get that much work done by 8 am?  and how are you even flying around with that much extra weight?

if you’d like to learn more about these sticky bee leg weights, please visit buzzy’s blog here:

i made it safely down the ladder then got to work at the day job.

what’s  blooming around you?  what wildlife, big or small, have you spotted lately?

a kinder, more charitable pickles…who knows how to party
May 5, 2010, 4:06 am
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and so it came to pass that it was time for pickles’ first non-profit fundraising event.

our local hs’s biggest event.  it includes food, adult beverages, live auction, silent auction (fashion show (ugh)) and goody bags.

i had taken cody bear a few years ago. he hated it. too many dogs in close quarters.  but pickles, having just turned two, was looking for a wild night on the town.

just about 1300-1400 of pickles’ closest friends.

within the first hour and a half…the main bars were already out of stella artois and only had these:

ha ha!  abacus actually brought one back to me!  ha ha.  thank goodness we found a brewery on site that had ambers on hand.

what a close call.

and….pickles did great!  she is SUCH a good girl!

going to walk her and her cody bear now.