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a kinder, more charitable pickles…who knows how to party
May 5, 2010, 4:06 am
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and so it came to pass that it was time for pickles’ first non-profit fundraising event.

our local hs’s biggest event.  it includes food, adult beverages, live auction, silent auction (fashion show (ugh)) and goody bags.

i had taken cody bear a few years ago. he hated it. too many dogs in close quarters.  but pickles, having just turned two, was looking for a wild night on the town.

just about 1300-1400 of pickles’ closest friends.

within the first hour and a half…the main bars were already out of stella artois and only had these:

ha ha!  abacus actually brought one back to me!  ha ha.  thank goodness we found a brewery on site that had ambers on hand.

what a close call.

and….pickles did great!  she is SUCH a good girl!

going to walk her and her cody bear now.



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Stella? Meh. Those corn thingies look good, though — enchiladas?

Comment by lavenderbay

sweet potato tamales. everyone at the table loved them. i thought they were just so so.

Comment by goodbear

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