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pollen envy

the bees are out in full  force and i’m telling you….this is a very industrious spring for them.  my allergies have been going crazy, so you can imagine how the bees are just loving all the extra pollen.  hey, if it makes you little bee sweeties happy, i’ll just keep on sucking down the benedryl and not complain.

i’ve been a little spastic about bee photos.  as i mentioned a few days ago, my portfolio was accepted for a show at a nature gallery next summer so i need to get to work snapping some fresh insect images.

yesterday morning i climbed a ladder and perched there with my telephoto.  it was only 8 am and the bees were already hard at work.  but lookie here:

most of the bees had pollen loads the size of the one’s on the left….but look at the one on the right!  holy shit bee! what time did you get up to get that much work done by 8 am?  and how are you even flying around with that much extra weight?

if you’d like to learn more about these sticky bee leg weights, please visit buzzy’s blog here:

i made it safely down the ladder then got to work at the day job.

what’s  blooming around you?  what wildlife, big or small, have you spotted lately?


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The way the pollen is making my allergies go crazy, the bees should be in heaven!

Comment by D.K. Wall and The Thundering Herd

Man, he’s pretty chubby-legged! Too bad Ruben’s not around to hook us up with some fresh organic honey.

Comment by Zen Martha

Hey–aren’t those saguaro flowers? Nice! How’d you get all the way up there?

Comment by Alli

OK–never mind. . . I missed the ladder paragraph. 🙂

Comment by Alli

Superb pics and congrats on the exhibit thingy.

Comment by forkboy

Wow! That is a WHOLE lot of pollen that one bee has there. Good lord… Love the photo! And congrats on not falling off the ladder while you were shooting! That would so happen to me… 🙂

Comment by dragonflywoman

Aghhh, bees and a ladder, nope it wouldn’t have been a happy ending for me.

Comment by pennycat

What’s blooming? Pansies, violas (aka Johnny Jumpups), violets, daffodils, dandelions, and on other people’s property, shad (serviceberry) trees and rhododendrons. The forsythia is done blossoming and is now leafing out. Chokecherry any day now.


Comment by lavenderbay

Look at those saddle bags. I imagine him flying and wavering from side to side drunkenly.

Comment by Still Life in Southeast Asia

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