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June 29, 2010, 9:12 pm
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cody bear and pickles here…

we’d like to apologize on behalf of our foolish mother.  you see, she has neglected this blog because her head has been in the clouds.  but she’s back.  she has relearned that nothing else matters in the world but:  nature, insects, friends, photos, and of course….us, the dogs.

her head is back in the game and she will NOT be side-tracked by work or stupid guys ever again.

again, please forgive her and her blog slacker phase.




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We remind our humans daily that we are the most important thing.

Comment by D.K. Wall and The Thundering Herd

But she can be distracted by smart, wonderful, doggy-loving guys (should such a creature exist), right?

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

stephanie….ARE there wonderful doggy loving guys?

Comment by goodbear

On behalf of my gender, I extend my sincere apologies. And I also extend a skritch under the chin to the pups.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

james, you and checkers p.a. are naturally an exception!

no need for apologies. nothing horrible happened. i was just side tracked…needlessly with work and too many social activities. but i’m back!

Comment by goodbear

lol! Just let the dogs blog, or better yet let the cat.

Comment by S. Le

Soooo glad to see family was included in there.

Comment by pennycat

oh yes, family.
ahem….FAMILY, nature, insects, friends, photos, and of course….us, the dogs.

Comment by goodbear

We’ll let it go…. this time.


Comment by forkboy

Family, insects; potayto, potahto.


Comment by lavenderbay

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