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she of the dainty feet….
July 21, 2010, 5:52 pm
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oh the drama!!! 

“what is it NOW, goodbear?!” you ask, exasperated.

well, turns out the running lifestyle has taken its toll on our dainty border collie friend, pickles.  after intervals for almost 3 miles, she was spent and looks like she has worn her toenails too short.  (picky may have to jog in booties or get nail protection)  her quicks are exposed and way too tender.

she is really milking it, too. i sure hope that’s all that is wrong.  i mean, she has learned her acting skills from the “poor me” master, cody bear.

oh, the pleading stare!

cody bear and i have been overly-babying her.  he’s actually quite concerned.  (and the anthropomorphic side of me assumes he may even be a little relieved it wasn’t him having to go to the vet this time.)

here’s to her up and running on 4 paws again!


isn’t she just freakin’ cute!!!

i can’t handle it!


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If nothing else, she should at least get NOMINATED for an Oscar.

Comment by Stephanie of Stopbouncing

With either of my girls (include the 110 lb. one), they would expect me to carry them…

Comment by elizabeth

Tess has the same sensitive feet and toenails! May I highly recommend the roughwear booties? They work quite well–be forewarned on trails though that you put them on tight enough or you may lose one to the woods.

Comment by Alli

Poor chickie. Cai sez he’s quite willing to trade toenails with Pickles — his never wear down, and he hates the clippers.

Comment by lavenderbay

Booties are a great way to go. We use them in ice and where road salt is used. Saves paw pads. (You can also use Mushers Secret for the paw pads, but that does not help the nails.)

Comment by D.K. Wall and The Thundering Herd

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