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no you may not come in…..
August 2, 2010, 6:52 am
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and so goodbear came back from a very exciting movie and was feeling a bit like a femme super hero.

first order of business upon my return?  let the dogs out.  let the dogs in.  glance at wall by door as letting dogs in…and BOOM!


look at her! she’s HUGE!

and she’s trying to get into my bedroom window!  back off beetle chic!

she’s gone now.  i used my crazy super powers and my magical canon flash to intimidate her and make her fly away in an outrage!


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OMG! How do you go out at night?!?

Comment by S. Le

ha ha.
i’m fine as long as they aren’t IN my house.
the only things i reallllyyyy have a problem with are the black widows. i’m terrified they’ll bite one of my dogs.

Comment by goodbear

ohhh, crunch, yummmm, Duster loves bugs and that’s a meal!!!

Comment by PennyCat

I for one welcome our new giant beetle overlords and would like them to know I had nothing to do with any scary flashy beasts that might have been pointed at them.

Comment by Dennis the Vizsla

Maybe it was a firefly who couldn’t respond to the challenge posed by your flash.

Comment by lavenderbay

If there were black widows, I’d have to move!

Comment by S. Le

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